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Malaysia: The Complete Travel Package

Malaysia is often associated with Singapore, a fact which reduces the value of the former as compared to the latter. This makes Malaysia seem like an additional destination when tourists visit Singapore. However, this should not be the case. Though it is not given much attention, Malaysia continues to be competitive when it comes to being a tourist hotspot.

This little country has been able maintain its elegant twin towers and develop more attractions for its inhabitants and for travelers. Malaysia is one of the world's top travel destination to be be in. See more choices here. The country is very versatile. By this it means the country has a lot to offer to varying preferences of travelers. This is the edge of Malaysia against other popular vacation hotspots.

From the usual beaches to the well-known skyscrapers, Malaysia has indeed made a mark. It is only right to enumerate some if not all of the hottest tourist spots in Malaysia. To start off, we have the beaches.

On top of the list are the beaches of Redang. It is a small island situated in east coast Malaysia. The location gives the tourists privacy, solitude and relaxation. The tourists have several activities in the island. They can watch turtles lay their eggs, go snorkeling or plain swimming.

From the east coast, we now move to the metropolis. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysias capital, is considered of the top performing cities in Asia. Like the famous NYC, there are numerous street food stalls. Aside from these, the city is also made busy by the many shopping centers present in the site. Apart from those already mentioned, Kuala Lumpur is undeniably known for the Petronas Twin Towers. Splendid views can be enjoyed by going to this tower. Kuala Lumpur is made accessible by the KL Monorail.

One of the reasons people travel is to try out new cuisine. As mentioned, there is an abundance of food stalls in Malaysia. The local cuisine of the country is notable for its mouth-watering flavors. Some of the must tries are the Chicken Satay, Nasi Lemak and a curry like meal called Beef Rendang.

Another must visit is the food capital of Malaysia by the name of Penang. There they serve the best variety of noodle soups and curry dishes. Tourists should not think twice about visiting the country.

Given its great diversity, Malaysians are well accustomed to getting along with people of different cultures and nationalities. This is one factor that contributed a lot to develop of their own culture and cuisine.

Though visiting Malaysia is not as cheap as visiting other Asian countries, tourists will definitely get more than what they paid for. This is because other countries would then be accessible from Malaysia, take Singapore for instance. Other attractions are arising in this country like the recent Legoland.

To conclude, Malaysia can well boast its beaches, inhabitants, food, high rises and many more. It is a country given less attention than it deserves. Tourists will certainly have the time of their lives in Malaysia.