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Saving Your Bankroll While Playing Poker Online

Even the best online poker players can spend their entire bankroll in a couple of unsuccessful games. If you learn - make money, such losses are inevitable if you dont try to play wisely. Usually, the most popular question is how to make money playing poker online, not how not to lose it, so you may need a couple of recommendations on the matter.

Playing Poker Online Without Major Money Loss

Mind your bankroll. When learning how to play poker online, make sure you remember how much money you have and play according to the number on your bank account. When you are a beginner, losses are routine, as youre still studying and trying out different strategies, and trying to learn your opponents, etc. The ultimate recommendation is to use less than 5% of your overall bankroll to bet in one game. This will set a limit for you, and it will be easier to learn how to make money playing poker online.

Stop chasing losses. Dont check your balance too often while playing poker online, as this may lead you to start chasing your losses. When you win and your balance goes up, you feel great and are enjoying the game. But once you lose and see the decreased balance, this will make you desire to return the number back to as it was. In such an emotional state, you can choose the wrong game and make a number of unwise decisions that may leave you broke.

Take playing seriously. When learning how to play poker online, make sure you treat an online game just as your treat a live one. It should be just as serious and money involving for you, even though the scale is usually less. Eliminate all distractions that may lead you to choosing the wrong strategy, as this can make the whole experience of playing poker online worse. A small mistake can make your money balance drop dramatically, and the mistake cant be fixed easily. Play only when you want to do it, not just because youre bored, as its easy to become a loser if youre not attentive enough.

Pay attention to yourself. You are firstly a human being, not a player or a student, etc. You have to pay attention to your basic needs. Have a good meal, maintain your hydration, sleep, and good health. Dont start playing poker online when youre hungry or sleepy, as you will not be attentive enough and can make your bankroll drop in one game. Make sure you sit comfortably and enjoy the game, because if you play in a rush or feel uncomfortable, you get easily distracted. Mental distractions also play a role, so if you are thinking about something or need to make a big decision, dont start the game. You will be thinking of other things and may miss your greatest win.

Log out when you tilt. Tilt is the number one factor that makes you break your bankroll down completely. Tilt can be a result of a bad game or any of the previous recommendations not taken into consideration. Once you feel like there is a tilt and you are about to lose more, dont think you can fix the situation fast, especially if you are a beginner in playing poker online. Its better to log out and do something else for some time, relax, and have a good rest. Online poker will not disappear from the Web while you are doing something else, so you can always come back.

To Sum Up Its possible to lose less even if youve just began playing, but you have to remember a couple of essential rules. Dont bet too much, follow your health condition, avoid tilts and dont treat poker like you would a bubble game.


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