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Keeping Tropical Fish - A Brand New Adventure?

Did you know that the keeping fish dates back to antiquity? It might be true however only recently has the activity ended up being popular among all age groups.

Have you joined the thousands of people who have recently added to the popularity of keeping tropical fish? It has become popular as lots of homes now have at least a little fish tank amongst its furnishings. They might include a couple of goldfish in a small cold water fish tank or they might include numerous vibrant fish swimming about in large aquariums.

Your aquarium is probably one of 3 different types: cold water, warm water (heated) or marine. If you are keeping tropical fish, you likely have a heated aquarium. Keep in mind, tropical fish come from the tropics where it's warm. The Amazon, Africa and the South Asia are where most exotic fish originated.

Keeping the aquarium at the right temperature level is absolutely critical for the fish to thrive. There are many different heaters available to help you achieve this control. Some of which are as follows.

Ebo Jager; excellent and very reliable heater. Ebo Jager is one of the best heaters. The only negatives with Ebo Jager are price and a poor return policy when the rare defective heater does occur.

Via Aqua; while not as well known in some parts of North America, this heater is well known & popular in the Western USA. The Via Aqua heater is among the best in reliability, yet is one of the more affordable with a more gracious return policy when a defective heater does occur.

Hagen Fluval Tronic Submersible Heater; is a reliable heater, albeit a little pricey compared to the Via Aqua, but just as reliable and quite accurate.

Jetsu Submersible Glass Heater; new heater only recently launched in 2015. Submersible Glass Aquarium Heater at The Jetsu comes with a 1 year warranty, no questions, guarantee which is the best returns policy of all of the manufacturers. Jetsu offer the warranty as their heaters are very reliable and the price is good too.

Generally most manufacturers of quartz/glass and titanium submersible heaters will state in their directions that the heater should be mounted in the aquarium vertically for the reason to keep water from compromising the seal at the top, this is really only a corporate liability statement as most well-made glass submersible heaters such as the Via Aqua Glass/Quartz Heaters will be perfectly fine angled to fit in short aquariums or outdoor patio ponds. However it is recommended to keep a vertical aquarium mount whenever possible.

A lot of pet and fish stores have all in one plans that consist of everything you need to begin: aquarium, stand, lights, filter, gravel and heater and other ornamental additions. If you're just beginning, this is an excellent way to go given that you will conserve cash over buying all the elements individually.

Be sure to ask the store for suggestions on which fish are the hardiest and simplest fish to keep. These may include tetras, danios, barbs, Livebearers and Cordyoras. Also, don't include a lot of fish at a time as the fish tank needs time to grow and get "broken in". The tank needs time to establish the germs needed to break down the fish's waste.

Finally, a smart idea is to visit your library or go on the web to learn more about keeping fish effectively. There are numerous books and sites which can offer a wealth of exotic fish keeping details. A good tank, kept effectively can give you and your family hours of enjoyment and relaxation.


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