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Great Ways To Have Summertime Fun With A Bouncy Castle For Hire

If you've every considered having a themed party for your kid's birthday, you should take a look at Bouncy Castle hiring. It's the absolute most fun you could possibly imagine, and the rates are not bad either. There are a bunch of other fun things you can do with them besides just jump, although that's fun, so I've put together some great ideas for a summer fun party.

You Should Call And See Which Themes They Have Available

The Bouncy Castles come in a huge variety of themes for many different occasions. There are Dora The Explorer, Looney Tunes, Spiderman, Scooby-Doo, Sponge Bob, Mickey Mouse, Bat Man, Tinkerbell, and Toy Story. Your local operator may have many others, you just have to call and see what's available. I would recommend this Yorkshire children's bouncy castle rental firm

Another thing you should also check is if they have bulk popcorn, cheese corn, snow cones, or other types of treats and refreshments. Many times you can purchase enough popcorn for the whole party at a huge discount and save lots of time in preparation.

Most Bouncy Castle Hiring locations also have water slides on hand, these are a huge summertime hit. You can do several fun things with them in addition to just slipping and sliding. You can put a small pool at the bottom and let the kids land in that for an extra fun time.

Another fun thing to do is cover the water slide with bubble bath for kids, the kind that won't sting their eyes, and then let them make suds all over the backyard. You can add bubble wands and real bubble liquid, plus a bubble machine to really make it a wild party, kids love bubbles.

If You Get One Of The Themed Bouncy Castles, You Can Still Use Water

With either a garden hose or sprinkler you can add water to your regular Bouncy Castle and turn a hot day into the most fun ever. Most of the themed Boucies are like a little enclosed pool inside when filled with water.

The water bounces and splashes with the kids making it a surreal experience they'll never forget. Be sure and throw in some beach balls and other small pool toys to play with as well. The bubble bath soap that works on the water slide is also a great hit in any of the themed Bouncies.

A good supply of super soaker squirt guns and rifles is also a winner to keep the fun going. If you have a "slip and slide" that makes another great addition to the party, if they're already wet, why not wear them out?

You Should Check Insurance And Safety Precautions

Some Bouncy Castle operators send attendants to supervise the play while others don't, you'll have to ask. They should all be happy to show you their business license and insurance coverage to show they are in good standing with the law.

If you've never been to a Bouncy Castle for hire party it's time you went. Your kids will have so much fun they'll be begging to have another every week. Many Bouncy operators also have oversized castles for adults that don't want to miss the fun, you can check to see what's available.


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